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Our business partners with Moonshiners to create unique, high quality products. Customers can easily order their own custom designs by filling out a form on our website. Click on the link below to fill out our form and get in contact with us directly for your custom needs!

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Welcome to Moose's Boutique™ where every item is lovingly made in North Carolina! We work hard to ensure the best possible quality in all of our products, and we appreciate you visiting our store! We  sincerely appreciate your support of my modest but expanding business. We sincerely hope you discover something you genuinely love!

Now proud retailers for Lily Grace, Itsa Girl Thing, Southern Attitude, and Straight Up Southern.

Alexander and Catawba Counties 1st Trucker Hat Bar. Come and design your own hat or follow us on Facebook for lives.

As Mooses Boutique continues to evaluate our costs associated with inflation, manufacturing, shipping, and fulfilling our products, we recognized the need to increase prices on targeted products. As much as possible, we will continue to absorb most of these costs. However, for long-term business viability, we must occasionally pass some increases on in the form of higher prices. So we commit to being transparent and communicating any increases before we make them.

Most companies continue to deal with rising operating costs, and we are no exception. Increased cost of product materials and components, labor shortages making it hard to find employees, increased shipping costs – both inbound from our manufacturers to outbound to our customers, and general operations – higher employee wages, inflation causing products to be more expensive, will continue for the foreseeable future. We will continue to monitor the economy and adjust accordingly.

Please know we do not make these decisions lightly. We carefully evaluate where our rising costs are coming from and take a serious and purposeful approach to increase any product price. These increases are targeted and strategic and will allow us to continue growing and offer our products without sacrificing service, quality or selection.

Thank you for understanding.

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